I roam and explore the halls of the library. The sound of silence, the smell of paper, the touch of books with my fingertips permeate me until I receive the indescribable invitation of one of them. At this time, it is a work devoted to the Indian tribes of North America. 


Hand on the front cover, this same thought occurs to me before each mysterious reading : " Will I cross paths and glimpse the splendor of a being whose gaze and presence will inspire me with the imperious impulse to paint." I open the book. A journey has just begun. 


Page after page, I dwell on each of the faces. Some hold my attention more than others, until I meet the one I come to recognize. Time is suspended. Space expands. Secretly, we walk towards each other. 


A frank gaze, skin sculpted by the sun, a face and torso adorned with red ocher, the noble and majestic allure - I am moved, touched, seized... inspired. Struck by a vibration, I hear a call ! A call to be a voice and paint him. We look at each other, or rather, we perceive each other. Present to each, I am intimately guided to deposit paint on the canvas in order to restore and promote his dignity - and his memory and make his people, a legend.

I sprinkle here and there in the studio and around the empty canvas, several photos of the visage printed in different shades of gray. Calm and concentrated, I immerse myself in the presence of the being that constellates the walls. I observe him conscientiously, my gaze averted and distant, but also frontal, sitting down on a chair facing him. These are the premises of the work, elsewhere, a time and space where our energies contemplate and converse beyond words. A few days pass, when suddenly and unexpectedly, breath comes over me. A creative impulse arises. I lay the canvas on the floor. What was imperceptible is about to reveal itself.


Facing the visage, I begin to prepare the colors which appear on their own. They are the reflection of his being and the echo of his soul. One by one, they surround me, permeate me until the colors of our energies blend, unite. Our face to face embraces primordial Unity. The artist is in the process of translating and manifesting the impalpable, ans the impalpable traverses and animates the artist. 


The colors are set, ready to shift along the energy of the void that fills the canvas with its presence. The emptiness, a full and inexhaustible source of life. A crossroads between the individual and the universal. A state of consciousness, from which emerges the creation of all things. In front of him, the silence of infinite spaces. 


Linked with water, She carrier of the memory of the worlds, I advance towards her to fashion the depths of the work. From her colorless body, I flood the entirely of the canvas, then deposit the colors upon it. She is the movement that transports and carries them away, and the tranquillity that deposits and roots them. I repeat this process several times. The masses, solids and voids fit together and take their place, until their juxtaposition offer a glimpse into the soul of the visage. The expression of a look is glimpsed. In an encounter with water, the immaterial manifests itself.


Through her volumes and hues, her forms and movements, the background is established. With white chalk, I begin sketching the portrait. The lines construct and follow one another. The emergence of a face to face occurs. The visage is made public. 


The draft will be animated through shading, a dive into the dark and hidden depths of being. It is therefore with a mixture of brown, of blue, of a touch of carmine and a breath that the first brushstroke is applied. The eternal coexistence of darkness and light will reveal the mind of the being I paint. 


The colors are invited to join the shadows and bring the visage to life. On him and on me, they act, provoke and awaken me. Here I am outside of time, present to what is. I observe, I paint, I follow the breath, and for days my hands roam the canvas. The colors are in turn illuminated by bursts of light. Intensity leads me to peace. 


The work is coming to an end. The souls are put in resonance. With a penetrating gaze, the observer becomes the observed. A splendor emanates from the visage and my eyes contemplate it. Where sky and earth meet, a loving embrace and recognition has taken place. In the presence of each other, we gaze upon one another - and say : " I see you ".