My name Anaïs Budet, painter, I pas Born in Pontoise in the Val-d'Oise (France), in 1986.

Passionate about horses, as a teenager I spend most of my time in the company of my mare traveling through the fields and the forests. From these long moments in nature, my passion for art and painting was born, spending hours observing and drawing plants, trees, landscapes, animals. 

During my studies, I discovered the works and portfolios of Edward S.Curtis devoted to the Indian tribes of North America. Touched by the strength that shines through certain looks and the nobility in their postures, I draw my first portraits by naturally orienting myself towards these peoples. Through these drawings, the call to feel the immensity of the expanses, the spaces that I traveled on horseback intensifies ; and above all, the breathing and the freedom that I lived there. From this, I began to paint on large format canvases, and emancipate myself from the limits of their frames by the very expression of what is painted there.

Due to the immediacy of painting, all of the portraits and works that I create have the intention of manifesting the " vibration " of an expression, suggesting a subtle dialogue - that of being internally informed - which leads to living the ether of his mental, like a full void purified of all subjective thoughts to individually move towards the light of one's consciousness ; that is to say, a pure consciousness, a vibratory consciousness, receptive to information from its own source, that of a universal creativity at the heart of oneself. 

In dialogue with the intelligence within the cells that compose and surround me, I create paintings that bring, through the vibration of colors and movement, a " care " that works to purify and re-inform the cells of all forms of darkness installed and imposed, such as memories, beliefs, doubt, fear..., and create through a vibratory painting a passage of light through the ego which contributes to leading it to its transparency ; and thus, contribute to a readjustment and rebalancing which tends to increase well-being in oneself.