My name Anaïs Budet, painter, I pas Born in Pontoise in the Val-d'Oise (France), in 1986.


Passionate about horses, as a teenager I spend most of my time in the company of my mare traveling through the fields and the forests. From these long moments of immersion in nature, my passion for art and painting was born. I spend hours observing and drawing plants, trees, landscapes, animals.


In order to express my inspirations freely, it's by a journey through the "Métiers d'art" following in the footsteps of the companionship brought about a choice to follow my artistic training. 

From art schools in Paris, through renowned craftsmen in France, to small local workshops in North Africa in Morocco, for several years, I went to meet and I rubbed shoulders with painters and craftsmen from whom I learned and acquired a pictorial technique and a knowledge of color. 


During my studies, I discovered the works and portfolios of Edward S.Curtis devoted to the Indian tribes of North America. Touched by the strength that shines through certain looks and the nobility in their postures, I draw my first portraits by naturally orienting myself towards these peoples for the choices of visages.

Through these drawings, the call to feel the immensity of the expanses, the spaces that I traveled on horseback, and above all, the breathing and the freedom that I lived there, intensifies. From this, I began to paint on large format canvases, and emancipate myself from the limits of their frames by the very expression of what is painted there.


This last year, my way of seeing the world evolves and encourages me to move away from the figurative to go beyond the form ; that is to say, to go beyond drawing, beyond conceptual, abstract, intellectual and spiritual approaches to art which in my eyes distort and oppose what it can really bring and do live. From this, my paintings intend to make room for the no-form that I would define to be the vibration of the energy of an expression, in order to make visible the imperceptibility of Man and the universe, as well as the creativity and universality that are in motion, and at the heart of their essence. 


From artistic works carried out during my studies until today, all of my works have always had the intention to approach through different mediums and subjects, the relationship of Men to the universe in themselves questioning about the nature of reality, of consciousness and of the origin of our thoughts. 


Written August 2023